Commercial Strategy & Development

We are establishing Commercial Strategy & Development as a centre of excellence to lead commercial opportunities for UNSW.

The Benefits We Offer

The benefits of our approach are:

  • We partner with our colleagues early to add value and ensure opportunities are realised
  • We provide robust decision support without the need to engage external consultants
  • We mitigate risks and maximise opportunities

What We Do

The work of the CSD department includes:

  • New opportunities or challenges identified by the CSD or the UNSW Management Board
  • Initiatives to improve existing commercial activities
  • Significant growth initiatives for BACS and other commercial activities at UNSW
  • University-wide initiatives.

CSD supports the development of new commercial ventures and at the appropriate point in the project lifecycle, transfers responsibility to another team for the ongoing management. This may be in the Business & Campus Services or another division of UNSW.

Our Core Purpose

The core purpose of Commercial Strategy & Development (CSD) is the identification, analysis and development of commercial opportunities across UNSW.  A commercial opportunity is one that involves the sale of goods or services by UNSW to external parties, is operated with the intention of generating a surplus and is not a core function of UNSW (i.e., not teaching award courses or government-funded research).

Our Team

Viren Mascarenhas

Commercial Advisor, Commercial Strategy & Development

Maria Chan

Commercial Advisor, Commercial Strategy & Development

Jonathan Higginson

Commercial Advisor, Commercial Strategy & Development

Adrian Mak

Commercial Advisor, Commercial Strategy & Development