Enhancing university life

Business & Campus Services manage the commercial businesses at UNSW. At its simplest, our team is here to enhance your experience of university life.

Our Mission

To create an enjoyable and enriching experience for our community, by delivering vibrant campus services and contemporary facilities that make an important and positive contribution to UNSW life.

Strategic Themes

To continually evolve campus service by tailoring leading practices from industry that resonate with our community, including:

  • Optimising opportunities such as UNSW3+ and the new light rail development
  • Ensuring our offers remain fresh and contemporary
  • Delivering services with high appeal to our community.

To enhance accessibility, sustainability and growth so that we:

  • Ensure our diverse community is able to use our facilities
  • Maintain financial sustainability and reduce our environmental footprint
  • Provide commercial expertise on strategic growth opportunities for UNSW

Champion workforce excellence to:

  • Foster a collaborative and high-performing team
  • Provide our people with opportunities to enhance capabilities and advance careers.
  • Implement the university's performance framework based on values clear expectations and metrics.

Our Values

We work with integrity and demonstrate excellence in everything we do. Our decisions are ethical and balance the generation of economic, social, and environmental value to UNSW.

We drive innovation and always give our best while inspiring creativity, passion, optimism and fun.

Business & Campus Services build collaboration and a team spirit. Our people are the key to our success.

We embrace diversity, value differences in people and promote different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds.

We display respect. We treat our staff, our customers and partners with dignity and personally commit to the success and well-being of our team.

Our promise

Inspired by new ideas, we work in partnership with our colleagues and industry, to combine customer insights and commercial expertise to enhance the campus experience.

UNSW staff can use their zID login to view the BACS Strategy White Paper.