UNSW Student Accommodation

We provide students a home on campus and a community lifestyle that encourages friendships and experiences essential to university life.

The Benefits We Offer

Offering a diverse range of on-campus accommodation increases the vibrancy and appeal of the campus.

Student Accommodation provides a unique and valuable offering in the marketplace and creates a reliable revenue stream for UNSW.

Where accommodation is included in a mixed use development, it enables the building to be partially or fully self-funding.

Our Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to provide a safe and supportive home for our students and a vibrant community lifestyle, while encouraging the friendships and experiences that are such an essential part of university life.

Expanding the Student Accommodation portfolio

We are expanding the UNSW Student Accommodation portfolio in an operationally, environmentally and financially sustainable manner that supports the growth of the university in all of its facets. We are also creating a working environment that is focused on delivering service excellence through teamwork and mutual respect.

A Living Community

UNSW Student Accommodation is a community that provides a supportive living environment to nearly 2,000 students across 10 buildings. The style of accommodation varies from independent living in apartments to fully catered colleges.

Our Customers

Undergraduate Students

Our customers are predominantly undergraduate students studying at the Kensington campus.

Approximately 64% are international students.

Postgraduate and Study Abroad Students

There is a small cohort of Postgraduate students (~16%) as well as approximately 300 Study Abroad and Exchange students each year.

Our Team

Ron de Haan

Director, UNSW Student Accommodation

Matthew Bowerman

General Manager, Operations, UNSW Student Accommodation

Isabelle Creagh

Head of Colleges, UNSW Student Accommodation