Property, Retail & Leasing

Enabling a diverse range of food and retail services on campus and managing the UNSW leasing & property portfolio.

The Benefits We Offer

  • Commercial expertise ensuring a robust financial management approach
  • Extensive knowledge of the University‚Äôs interests acquired over time enables effective liaising with external stakeholders to arrive at mutually beneficial commercial growth
  • Property expertise in a number of sectors and across a range of property types


Property & Leasing

We manage more than 120 leases for UNSW across a portfolio of commercial, residential, retail, rural and remote properties. This includes more than 40 food and retail services on campus.

Our Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to enable a diverse range of affordable, quality food and retail services on campus that have high appeal to our community. We manage property leases, acquisitions and disposals for UNSW.

Looking toward 2025, we are revitalising our approach and will:

  • develop a UNSW Retail Blueprint to ensure a broad range of offers across campus
  • explore new concepts such as pop-ups and service only offers
  • investigate new leasing models to ensure offerings remain fresh
  • increase our engagement with students and staff to test ideas
  • use operational agreements to encourage environmental sustainability.

We are working with the Hospitality team to place a greater emphasis on customer experience and innovation to ensure that UNSW remains a leader in campus services.

Our Customers


The university is our customer for property sales, purchases and leasing.

Students, staff and visitors

Our retail customers are the students, staff and visitors to all UNSW campuses.

Tenants and retail owners

Our leasing customers are UNSW tenants and owners of the properties we lease.

Food & Retail on Campus

UNSW's Kensington Campus has a large variety of food and general retail services, including banks, bars, cafes and convenience stores. You'll find plenty of health and lifestyle services including an optometrist, dentist, doctor, physiotherapist and more.

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Our Team

Steven Tropoulos

Head of Property, Retail & Leasing

Effie Arvanitopoulos

Manager, Property, Retail & Leasing

Michelle Baumann

Property Consultant, Property, Retail and Leasing

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