Product Style Guide

We've created a product style guide so that university stakeholders and commercial partners can create new products consistent with the UNSW brand.



The purpose of the style guide is to ensure brand consistency through the standardisation of visual assets and design elements, allowing UNSW to manage how the brand is represented in the marketplace. A well-conceived product style guide should be viewed as a valuable tool to create an innovative and stylish UNSW branded product range.


UNSW has taken the time to establish a visual aesthetic for the brand. Licensee’s products will benefit from the overarching brand standardisation and consumers will be able to immediately recognise UNSW licensed products, regardless of the product category, because they will share the same visual aesthetic established by the style guide.


The product style guide has been developed by UNSW’s brand custodians, the Division of External Relations. The marks and fonts are exclusively reserved for use on UNSW branded merchandise only and are purely designed to compliment UNSW’s master brand, not to replace it.

Download the Product Style Guide

The Product Style Guide has everything to get you started developing a new official licensed product. Download the PDF to find out about how the UNSW Merchandising team can help you participate in this exciting prgram. To receive the artwork files, or take any next steps please get in touch with the Merchandising team via

Download Product Style Guide