Our Marks

UNSW has created two marks for exclusive use on branded merchandise that speak to the aspirations and ethos at the core of UNSW.


The iconic John Niland Scientia Building is a landmark at UNSW that represents the university’s aspirations of being a modern and world-class institution that is leading Australia’s international education.

The building takes its name from the Latin word for ‘knowledge’, which appears on the open book of the University’s arms. The new mark echoes the core geometric elements of the building’s design; a tree-like structure, with an open book on top.

Image of a UNSW Sydney with the new Scientia mark.


The Lion embodies dignity and honour which is reflected in its various poses. They have been designed to personify the UNSW motto “Scientia, Manu et Mente”; knowledge through hand and mind. 

This new mark is a re-vitalisation of the traditional Lion that is featured in UNSW’s coat of arms.

Image of a UNSW tshirt with the new lion mark.

Our Inspiration

The reinvigorated UNSW merchandise sports a look with exclusive designed marks and fonts. The new marks are derived from UNSW icons such as the Lion in the UNSW Coat of Arms, and the ‘Tree of Knowledge’, the structure echoed in the John Niland Scientia building. Both of which talk to UNSW’s aspirations of being Australia’s Global University.


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