Our Services

UNSW Merchandising supports the creation of products that centre around the UNSW community’s needs and aspirations. We can manage production, design and marketing of new products for UNSW and retail partners.

Product Innovation

UNSW Merchandising works closely with retailers and suppliers to ensure product ranges are refreshed to reflect the changing tastes, style and seasons.

We work internally to ensure that the UNSW styles, designs, and marks are continuously evaluated and revitalised providing suppliers and retailers the opportunity to bring trends from industry to UNSW. This will enable the creation of a broader range of product designs to capture the interest of the entire UNSW community.

Retail Engagement

Fundamental to the success of merchandising for UNSW, retailers form a large part of the merchandising ecosystem on campus.

We actively work with the retailers to ensure a consistent customer experience, keep products refreshed, and bring customer insights back to enable retailers to better deliver UNSW’s core value - quality, stylish, affordable products.

Promotional Products

Promotional giveaways are important and often the first point of contact with a perspective student or guest to UNSW. We want to ensure it is something that is not discarded at the end of the day. We are continuously working with promotional suppliers to bring innovative products to the campus that will live past the day that they are given.

We also ensure that the suppliers are implementing best practice and are aligned to UNSW sustainable aspirations. We encourage all faculties and divisions with promotional product requirements to reach out to us via UNSWMerch@unsw.edu.au.

Design and Branding

We continuously work internally to ensure the visual assets and designs are reflective of our customer’s wants and the innovations in industry.

As a partner of our retail businesses will strive for brand consistency through the standardisation of visual assets and design elements, allowing the University to manage how the brand is represented in the marketplace.

Image of the new Scientia mark.

Advertising and Promotion

Merchandising will support retailers and suppliers by working through the UNSW media channels to increase the awareness of new product ranges.