About Us

The UNSW Merchandising team is driving improved designs and practices to bring quality, affordable and on-trend products to UNSW students, staff, alumni and friends.

The UNSW Merchandising team provides opportunities for current & future students, staff, alumni, family, friends and the general community to express their pride in UNSW, through on-trend, quality branded products.

Our Strategy

UNSW’s 2019-2022 Merchandising Strategy is built on three pillars of:  protect, promote and sustainable profit; 

  • Protect the UNSW brand through a robust system of legal agreements
  • Promote the UNSW brand more widely, assisting in building the good-will and profile
  • Support UNSW's aspirations and growth through a sustainable profit from the use of the UNSW brand

Image of undergrad wearing official licensed UNSW merchandise.

UNSW Merchandising will:

  • Understand our customer’s needs and desires, and exceed their expectations by:
    • Providing innovative, seasonal and refreshed product ranges
    • Delivering a superior retail experience that brings UNSW values to life
    • Developing an effective and coordinated merchandising ecosystem (customers, retailers, suppliers and UNSW)
    • Protecting the UNSW brand through effective licensing, sourcing requirements and product approvals
  • Introduce quality suppliers and brand partnerships bring innovative designs and products
  • Significant growth in sales and contributions to UNSW core activities

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