Due to the current environment relating to COVID19, all non-essential bookings with UNSW Hospitality are postponed until further notice.

Signature Initiatives for Hospitality

As part of our 2025 Strategy we have a number of Signature Initiatives for Hospitality that we are rolling out over the coming year.

Reinvigorate events at UNSW

We are going to introduce end-to-end event management and extend the range of hospitality services that are available to guests and partners. As part of this initiative, Hospitality will also be seeking new partnerships with internal and external customers to organise events.

Improve management of key venues

We are creating new roles for key venues such as Scientia which will be responsible for management, presentation and delivery of a new set of standards in hosting.

Revitalise catering

We are restructuring catering across the university campus and introducing new presentation standards and UNSW branding. A new-look catering website will allow customers to efficiently book and manage venues, catering and other related services.

Improve hospitality at AGSM

We are renovating the residential accommodation, reception, cafe, restaurant and common area of the AGSM to make it a point of excellence in hospitality on campus.