Due to the current environment relating to COVID19, all non-essential bookings with UNSW Hospitality are postponed until further notice.

Hospitality Services

UNSW Hospitality Services deliver high-quality hospitality experiences for our communities of visitors, researchers, visiting academics, staff and students.

The Benefits We Offer

By working with Hospitality at UNSW you'll be able to take advantage of the entire range of services for your next event or conference:

  • More ideas and a greater choice of quality catering offerings
  • Consistent and branded hospitality experience
  • Improved and consistent venue presentation
  • Increased usage and enjoyment of spaces

Activating New Hospitality Spaces

We're involved in the activation and enhancement of new hospitality spaces at UNSW and our services include:

  • Redesigning indoor and outdoor spaces to deliver hospitality to all spaces
  • Hospitality requirements, e.g. proximity of dining or meeting rooms to kitchen, landscaping
  • Selection of furniture, lighting, design scheme, seating, theme, service standard and equipment.

Our Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to create a consistent and quality hospitality experience at UNSW.

To do this, we are markedly expanding and improving the presentation standards of our venues. We are revitalising catering and introducing a concierge service to welcome our guests and partners at key venues. We are also working with our cafes and food outlets to improve their offering and we are enhancing spaces aligned to hospitality.

We consider hospitality to be a critical element of the vision for World-class Environments that provides a sense of place and pride in UNSW where our communities can come together to innovate, transform, learn and contribute to society.

Consistent and quality hospitality contributes to:

  • attracting and retaining leading academics, researchers, staff and students by providing welcoming and appealing experiences
  • the ability to cater for and host working sessions, conferences and events
  • promotion of the UNSW brand
  • increasing the utilisation and return on investment for buildings such as Scientia
  • creating a sense of place that contributes to student retention and leaves a lasting impression with our communities.

Our Customers

UNSW Communities

Students, Staff, Alumni, Partners and guests of the UNSW campuses in Kensington, Paddington, Randwick, Cliffbrook Estate, Sydney CBD and Canberra.

Professional Conference Organisers

  • Event Organisers
  • External individuals, corporates and organisations hosting meetings and events on campus

Our Team

Gregg Currie

Head of Hospitality

Hannah Sparke

General Manager, Hospitality

Paddy Meredith-Keller

Group Operations Manager, Hospitality

Siobhan Baird

Planning & Development Manager

Contact the Hospitality team at unswhospitality@unsw.edu.au or call 02 9385 1515