Our Team

Our team spans the entire Business & Campus Services portfolio and includes the leadership from each department. We always give our best while inspiring creativity, passion, optimism and fun.

Our Promise

Inspired by new ideas, we work in partnership with our colleagues and industry, to combine customer insights and commercial expertise to enhance the campus experience.

Business & Campus Services Office

Stephen Wong

Director, Business & Campus Services

Tracey Glanville

Office Manager, Business & Campus Services

Gunjan Sinha

Marketing & Communications Officer, Business & Campus Services

Viren Mascarenhas

Commercial Advisor, Commercial Strategy & Development

Maria Chan

Commercial Advisor, Commercial Strategy & Development

Jonathan Higginson

Commercial Advisor, Commercial Strategy & Development

Adrian Mak

Commercial Advisor, Commercial Strategy & Development

Contact the BACS office by email bacs@unsw.edu.au


Gregg Currie

Head of Hospitality

Hannah Sparke

General Manager, Hospitality

Paddy Meredith-Keller

Group Operations Manager, Hospitality

Contact the Hospitality team at unswhospitality@unsw.edu.au or call 02 9385 1515

Property, Retail & Leasing

Steven Tropoulos

Head of Property, Retail & Leasing

Effie Arvanitopoulos

Manager, Property, Retail & Leasing

Michelle Baumann

Property Consultant, Property, Retail and Leasing

Contact Property, Retail and Leasing at propertyservices@unsw.edu.au

Student Accommodation

Ron de Haan

Director, Student Accommodation

Matthew Bowerman

General Manager, Operations, Student Accommodation

Isabelle Creagh

Head of Colleges, Student Accommodation